Writing your paper in school is one of the most challenging in school. You have to make sure that your paper is error free when it comes to grammar, content, and structure. If you are one of the Canadian students who is facing this challenge, or even in future, you have to seek for a writing service online. Custom essay writing services in Canada are now available online just like Canada Custom Essay Writing Services.

Another one that is making its name in the writing service industry is Paperleaf. Today, there will be at vs for you to be guided which service you will have to get. The factors to consider are price, urgency, free features, services, guarantees, support and payment methods. Each site also has testimonials. And two for each service will be included in this article. vs Price

Although the website of Paperleaf does not provide for a specific price, it says that its services are for cheap or affordable price, perfect for students who are tight on budget. You can check on another Paperleaf review that may attest on the prices of this writing service.

Canada Custom Essay Writing Services will ask you to pay from USD 15.16 to USD 53.07 if it is an undergraduate paper, USD 15.96 to USD 55.86 for Master paper, and USD 19.15 to USD 67.03 for a PhD paper. vs Urgency

There is no specific time mentioned in Paperleaf’s site, but here what they can say about urgency. They do thing fast with a big number of writers available for every customer, surely, you will get your paper in no time.

Turnaround or level of Canada Custom Essay Writing Services can be from 8 hours to 30 days depending. The services of Canada Custom Essay Writing Services are available in many parts of Canada namely Toronto, Winnipeg, Fredericton, Montreal, Quebec, Brampton, Edmonton, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, Mississauga, and Pritchard. vs Free Features

Paperleaf has free revisions to offer, as well as other free essay tools, words to minutes, annotated bibliography maker, words to page, and online plagiarism checker.

You can get title page, 30 days to ask for revisions, references, formatting, outline, and unlimited amendments for free with Canada Custom Essay Writing Services. vs Services

Paperleaf offers the following main services:

  • Custom Essay Writing Service
  • Math Help Services
  • Write My Essay Online
  • Homework Help Canada
  • Resume Writing Services Canada

As for Canada Custom Essay Writing Services, it offers the following:

  • Original Essays Writing
  • Professional Term Papers
  • Expert Coursework
  • Law & Politics
  • Defense Presentations
  • Research Proposals & Papers
  • Psychology & Philosophy
  • Medicine & Healthcare
  • Top Dissertation & Theses
  • Education & Literature
  • Environmental Issue & Biology
  • Book/Movie/Article Review
  • Computer Science & IT
  • Accounting & Finance vs Guarantees

The site of Paperleaf does not have specific guarantees except for a high-quality work, but they have provided reasons to choose them. And these are having professional writers you can choose from and available to do your paper, delivery on the deadline set, free revisions, 24/7 customer service, a direct contact with your writer, and add-ons and services.

Canada Custom Essay Writing Services guarantees satisfaction, money-back, privacy, and no plagiarism. You can check on another review if these guarantees are really fulfilled. vs Support

You can contact Paperleaf’s customer support anytime at any day. You are also given the opportunity to have direct contact with your writer. Hence, you can have a fast update on your work, and you can also tell your writer how your paper will be.

Same as Paperleaf, Canada Custom Essay Writing Services also has a 24/7 customer service which you can contact any time of the day. vs Payment Methods

You can the services of Paperleaf through Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal. While for Canada Custom Essay Writing Services, you can make your pay through PayPal or credit card. vs Testimonials

Paperleaf website does not have written testimonials from their customers; instead, they have videos. So, you can watch their customers’ testimonials on their website.

Here are some of the testimonials from the site of Canada Custom Essay Writing Services:

Michaela, Canada

“Thank you for sending me the updated and completed case. It looks good and follows my teacher requirements. I don’t want to do any changes.”

Catherine, Canada

“I would like to thank the written, the essay was exactly what I was looking for. the written took the time, to read myriad requirements and ensure that the essay reflected them. Also, there were not many spelling mistakes and punctuation issues. Thank you to the written and the support team for their assistance”.

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